Setting Queenie free…

Queenie the unicorn has been floating in our pool all summer. Sometimes she got out of the pool and sunned herself on the waterfall wall…

But Queenie had outgrown our tiny pool and was yearning for grander spaces. My friend, Helen, came to the rescue and released her into the wild this morning…

Queenie is ecstatic in Helen’s lovely pond with the lily pads, turtles, and little fishes. She is the picture of happiness and I am happy for her!

8 thoughts on “Setting Queenie free…

  1. I know you are heart broken to have to part with Queenie, but it was for the best. She would only wither and fade in a confined area. She was meant to be free! It was kind and generous of you.


  2. Aww…doesn’t she look pretty among all those lush lily pads! BTW, Becky, I thought your pre-washing fabric videos were GOOD and you certainly presented convincing reasons for it. I wanted to leave a comment but with no Vimeo or Google passwords wasn’t able to. Also like your expression that sewing is a quilter’s super power…Yay for us!


  3. We have a coi pond and Queenie would have never fit in our 1,500 gallons. Glad she is free to have fun with all those lillies and turtles and probably a bunch of frogs, too!!


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