Show and tell…

Dee Dalton sent me this photo of her quilt from the 2nd edition of our book, the Applique Sampler. I love the pieced border that she added to the quilt… it definitely pulls everything together. Congrats, Dee, on making a lovely quilt!

Here is an excerpt from Dee’s email, talking about her applique journey. I do like hearing that my teaching is helpful (always a nice thing) but I was particularly happy to hear that changing the way she holds her needle made such a big difference! For those of you who have not had a class with me, read the Best-Ever Applique Sampler, or watched any of my videos: I teach you to hold the needle a little differently and it really does make a difference in your stitches.

I read through it and set the book aside for awhile. I then started a journey on how to improve my applique. I saw that you were teaching at a symposium in Raleigh, NC so I signed up for the class. Best class ever. I am a visual person and need to see hands on how things work. Changing how I hold the needle was a game changer for me. Ha!! Now I can’t hold the needle any other way. For me when I started applique, I knew I would love it and I do, but taking classes and learning for me answered a lot of my questions. After taking many classes on the subject, I place you and Suzanne Marshall at the top of my list.

Dee Dalton

5 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Beautiful quilt and I certainly agree with you regarding holding the needle. That made a difference for me and also the wet toothpick to needle turn the edges.
    Becky is a great instructor.


  2. Great choice of colors and a beautiful job. I have never had a class with Suzanne Marshall, but I’ve had a couple with you, Becky (long time ago in Syracuse, NY) and it helped so much. And when I feel I need a refresher, I pop the DVD in the TV !! Great stuff and I do also love applique.


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