Show and tell…

Ruth McCormick shared her recently finished “Underlying Condition” quilt, which measures 34″ x 35″.  She used the virus designs from my Searching for Beauty pattern, and the heart came from the website

I am impressed with the way Ruth tells her story in such a clear and precise way. My DIL also has an underlying heart condition which makes living through this pandemic very scary for her, her family, and those of us who share their ‘bubble’.

Ruth made this quilt for a Guild challenge, with the theme Hearts and Flowers.  The viruses look like flowers to me, but just to be safe, I inserted two pieces of flower fabric (orange viruses).

Thank you, Ruth, for sharing your vision with us! Well done!

12 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Ruth, very moving quilt. I like you have a very compromised heart, and know all those moving parts personally. Thanks for sharing. I went to the website to try and download that image and could not find. Would love to have it. Stay well.


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