Show and tell…

Margery Tadder in Colorado Springs sent me this picture of her just finished Magical Unicorn quilt. It’s perfect! Margery says that she is delighted with it and I can see why. I really like the way that sky fabric fills the background, and the grass! Both fabrics set the stage for the whole quilt.

Margery wrote: “My long arm quilter was so enamored she took a picture and sent it to a friend who promptly bought the pattern! But who could NOT love everything Designed by Becky! The quilt will be a Christmas present for a special 4 yr old girl and know she will be thrilled especially since unicorns are her “thing” right now.”

There will be squeals of delight on Christmas morning :-). Well done, Margery!

4 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. I love show and tell. It keeps me motivated to work on my own things when I see how wonderful Margery and others make of their work.


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