Show and tell, Bullseye!

Vicci Conway took my Bullseye class and she is very excited about finishing her wall quilt, and deservedly so! Her Bullseye pulls you in and makes you look closer:

I think the fabric is all the same print, in different colors. It works really well and it a fine example of how cool it is when you cut up big prints. You only see the flower design in the big corner pieces. Everywhere else the print reads as texture, not flowers.

Thank you, Vicci, for sharing your beautiful quilt! If anyone is interested in taking my Bullseye class on Creative Spark, click here for more info. Or click here to find the pattern on my site.


7 thoughts on “Show and tell, Bullseye!

  1. Hello!
    I finished my Bullseye and it one of my favorites in 40 years of making quilts! I want to make another! Is there a mathematical formula that I could use to make it even larger than 60”? I am math challenged, but would love an even larger Bullseye! Thank you for this wonderful pttern!


    • Marie, send me a photo and I’ll post your quilt on the blog!
      As to making it bigger… Adding more rings would be a real problem. But I think you ought to be able to enlarge the units in each ring by the same amount to make a bigger quilt. There are ways to calculate what percentage. there is a tool for that but I don’t have one 😂. I think the whole quilt finishes at 60”. A 200% enlargement would take it to 120”. I might just play with multiplying the finished size by different percentages between 110% and 200% to find the size you want.
      The shape that will be hardest to enlarge is the corner. If it was me, I would draw a 5” grid on the pattern for the 60” corners, When you enlarge it, the grid should allow you line up the pages. I hope that helps. email me if you have other questions.


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