Blackwing’s amazing One-Step Sharpener…

I love this sharpener! It feels lovely, is easy to clean, and fits in the palm of your hand. If you appreciate thoughtfully designed and functional objects crafted with care, this is for you. Replacement blades are available.

The One-Step Long Point Sharpener creates a long, curved point that looks beautiful and resists breakage. The body is made of durable machined aluminum and the sharpening unit features a German steel blade. The canister can hold three fresh sharpens before needing to be emptied.

Shop here and here for more from Blackwing.

5 thoughts on “Blackwing’s amazing One-Step Sharpener…

  1. Which of the Blackwing or Palamino pencils, if any, would you recommend to draw quilting lines on white or very light fabric? I guess I am asking if the pencil marks come out with gentle washing?


    • I use either the 602 or the Natural (with extra-firm graphite) and a very sharp point and very light pressure. Be careful not to heat-set the lines into the fabric. I can’t guarantee they will wash out because circumstances vary too much but in my experience the thread and action of sewing make the lines mostly disappear without washing. But your first line does need to be fine and light.


      • Thanks. I will order the natural and try it out on scraps before I mark my appliquéd quilt. I’ll let you know what happens.


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