Show and tell…

Dee Bradford from Aledo, TX, sent this photo of her newly finished quilt that features blocks from Aunt Millie’s Garden. I love it so much! Dee wrote:

I have had the Aunt Millie’s garden pattern on my shelf for years but honestly was a bit intimidated. I’ve done a moderate amount of needle turn over the years but never pushed myself to tackle something as complex. Fast forward to this summer, I “inherited” a stack of lovely red/pink homespuns – very different from my usual bright & black colors. They looked so pretty sitting together on my cutting table I decided to make a quilt for my daughter (who loves red) featuring some applique mixed with pieced blocks, sort of in a round robin format. 

So I pulled out Aunt Millies Garden, picked several of those blocks and then the fun started.  I had such a wonderful time. I followed your method almost completely – though I admit I only auditioned one block at a time. I really didn’t know where I was going when I started, how many blocks, how large, etc. It was a fun journey and I enjoyed the applique so much.  I wanted to thank you for your great teaching and wonderful videos and patterns. We are out here watching. And smiling along with you.

I do love hearing that you all enjoy my books, patterns, videos, and classes—it keeps me going. Thank you, Dee, for your kind words and for sharing your lovely quilt!

Note to all: Dee sent me this in mid-January and I thought I posted it, but just found it in the Draft folder. I am sorry to everyone for the delay in posting!!!

12 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. What a lovely quilt! And what a sweet story about its creation, Dee. Surely the Fates deemed that it stay in your drafts folder, Becky, until today for us to see. What a perfect Valentine’s Day greeting!


  2. I love her development of this quilt. Taking parts, putting them together in a pleasant way.
    There is so much to study and enjoy. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments. and thanks Becky for posting. We haven’t had power for several days and what a fun treat to get on line and see my quilt on your blog.


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