Easter basket presents for kids…

Lorna and Judy spend time searching for toys mostly for Bear. They focus on nice toys that make him use his imagination and his brain and that don’t require technology. When they find the right ones, I add them to the site because you might want them for your own special young ‘uns. First up are the Dino Dominoes.

Lorna gave a set to Edward, who is a dinosaur lover. The box says for ages 3 and up which is right where Edward is. Here he is opening the box:

His mom, Sarah sent pictures of him playing with them…

The Dino Dominoes are made of sturdy cardboard and they are the right size for small hands. They are bright and happy and kids can play with them and learn things without realizing that they are learning things. I didn’t order many sets and I’m not sure I can get more before Easter so order soon :-). Click here for Easter Crafts & Toys.

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