Show and tell…

Sharon Rutledge sent me this lovely picture of her Hand Sewing Adventure quilt. I love it so much! She says:

I’m very happy I started this project and happier that I finished it too. It provided me with many relaxing moments of creativity in front of the television. Thank you for the opportunity.

I love the setting for the photo, with the light shining through the quilt. I love the mix of colors, with pops of yellow and green to balance the blues and purples. I love the darker corners on the EPP blocks… it’s all lovely together. Well done, Sharon, and thank you for sharing!

Sharon also mentioned how relaxing the hand sewing was… all of these hand sewn quilt are a physical manifestation of the time spent calmly sewing. It all makes me smile :-).

Click here to find the Hand Sewing book.

7 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Beautiful, wish mine was finished. I am hung up on the baskets…slow but sure! Now I am motived to get moving. Love your colors!!!


  2. Sharon, it was fun connecting with you on our Hand Sewing Adventure Facebook account and watching your quilt grow. It is gorgeous and most certainly a family heirloom.


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