Fold, Roll, and Display Your Quilts…

In case you missed it on April 7, in this Time Out session I show you how I store and display quilts once they are finished. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Fold, Roll, and Display Your Quilts…

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  1. Marvelous system! I envy the size of your closet! This would work for me in any corner. I always wondered how quilt show quilts did not end up with the fold lines. Now I know. When you enter a show do you use this non fold method? Empress feathers is gorgeous!


  2. Hi Becky.
    I’m wondering if you did not have cats (or pets that could accidentally snag your quilt top) would you fold (or roll) your quilts with the right side out instead of the back to prevent fold lines?

    Do you ever have the problem of fine wrinkles on the quilt top when rolling your quilts with the top to the inside after storing for long periods?


    • I would probably still roll face in. And, no, my quilts don’t have noticeable wrinkles on the front but your quilts and my quilts may be very different. I don’t quilt my quilts heavily and I don’t use much (if any) fusible web. I prewash my fabric.

      If your quilts are a little stiff from quilting or they are, for example, a fused collage quilt then, yes, you might get wrinkles on the front. It’s important to be flexible and choose the best way to roll for each individual quilt.

      I hope that helps :-).



  3. There are also drapery weights that you can use if the end of your quilt curls. I have the advantage of being able to store my quilts on an extra bed. Not sure how I could store them if I didn’t. The method I use for hanging my quilts is very similar to what you demonstrated. It works very well and keeps my husband from fussing about holes in the wall.


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