Vintage-Inspired Needle Caddies

On April 14’s Time Out I showed how to make these way-cute needle caddies…

Click here to find the pattern with the templates.

Suzanne Rettler emailed yesterday with photos and a story. I am impressed!

I really loved your needle keeper video.  Thanks for sharing that pattern.   Are you interested in what people do with it?  I knew I didn’t want to attempt the scalloped one, so I made the pointy one and it works great.

But that scalloped one was just so darn cute, looking like a heart when closed, and a flower when open.  I tried one- not so good.  Then I tried putting it in my embroidery machine- much better, but the opening where I turned it was still an embarrassment.  So I added a tab at the top, and left that open for turning.  (A straight line!  Yay).  But I made the tab too narrow, and couldn’t turn it right side out. Duh.

I’ve seen versions of this style of needle caddy with a tab and it does work. You can use velcro or a snap to make it stay closed.

Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing your sewing adventure! I love seeing what you all make and I know others do as well :-).

Heirloom thimbles…

After last week’s Time Out, Noela Burks wrote in to tell me about her thimble! She wrote:

I, like many people, have tried many thimbles and many things that were not actually thimbles but worked as thimbles😂. Years ago I was blessed with a family thimble that I believe was my great grandmothers. It is my prized possession and works like a charm. It is very small(I have thin fingers) and fits like it was made for my hands. I was inspired to share after the video! Here is a picture-

I love Noela’s story and I really love her thimble :-). It is in amazingly good shape. I suspect my grandmother had a thimble and I have no idea where it ended up. I will be sure that my own thimbles are handed down… later. When I don’t use them so much. Which will be when I’m 111.

FYI: My birthday is January 11, 1/11. It is my hope and aspiration to be alert and active enough to celebrate my 111th birthday on that day! It’s good to have a plan 🙂

3 ways to make easy applique templates…

On Wednesday’s Time Out, I showed 3 ways to make templates using peel and stick laminate, freezer paper, and heavy duty freezer paper. The templates are different enough from each other that you may use all of them in different situations.

Happy stitching!