Show and tell…

Ann Oswalt emailed me in January looking for the border foundation papers for this quilt. Luckily, I had them on my computer. Ann wrote:

It was my first paper-pieced quilt (and may be the last!) and I am so proud of it. None of the stars cupped and all the points are present and accounted for.
Most of the fabric was from 2 fat quarter packs that my grandson gave me for Christmas.  Some came from my stash.  I ran out of red and purple/navy background and had to buy some, so all the sashing fabric is the same.  The top has been finished for about 6 weeks, but I just finished hand-sewing the binding last night.  Here are pix of the finished product.  Thanks for your help.

Ann Oswalt
Star, Mississippi

Shooting Stars was a Piece O’ Pattern way back in the day. It’s a treat to see it again… thank you, Ann, for sharing your quilt with us all!

2 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. I love your new book, Hand Sewing. It is my go-to book and I always have it with me in my travel sewing bag. And have learned a lot from your utube videos. Thanks. Martha Mercer


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