Lap App show and tell…

Look at the cute Lap App cover and matching pillow that Janet made! She sent me this photo after watching last week’s Time Out. I think that using a small pillow with the Lap App is a brilliant idea—well done and thank you for the idea, Janet!

Janet does not live in the US and would love to hear about the various Quilting Festivals and Shows that take place in here, so on her next trip she will have a Must See, Must Do Quilting Travel Wish List. Feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions!

I will kick off the ideas with Quilt Festival in Houston. It is an experience that every quilter should have at least once! More than once is even better :-).

8 thoughts on “Lap App show and tell…

  1. Since I live in the beautiful Green Mountain State of Vermont, I have to mention the Vermont Quilt Festival which happens every year around the last week in June ( I’ve always wanted to visit the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon ( I, too, love that beautiful fabric–reminds me of Janet Clare’s style? I always enjoy the ‘show and tell’ posts!


  2. Beautiful fabric! Great idea! Unfortunately I don’t live in the US either so I’m interested to hear of the quilt highlights and must see events. Of course Houston is top of the list! This pandemic can’t keep us home forever.


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