Show and tell…

Kathrin Brown sent me a picture of her newly finished Bullseye quilt. The colors grab your attention and pull you to the center of the Bullseye. It’s amazing! Kathrin wrote the following about her quilt:

“I won a stack of books from CT Publishing when they launched their new online learning platform “Creative Spark” in November 2020. A fan of paper piecing and modern aesthetics, I started this project immediately when I received the booklet. This 40” project is manageable, I had fabric in my stash, and it was fun to piece (with some redo to get a flat center). I spent about 30 hours of quilting on the longarm to finish it. Started in February 2021 and finished in July 2021.”

Click here to find the Bullseye Quilt book/pattern. You know you want to make one :-).

1 thought on “Show and tell…

  1. Very nicely done. Congratulations on completing you project with such great results. Know you are proud of all the time and effort you put into making this quilt.


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