A home for your bobbins…

What sets this bobbin box apart if the foam insert. It holds the bobbins and (in most cases) will keep them from spilling out of the box if you tip it over. And, because the bobbins don’t move around, thread tails stay put. Yay!

Click here to shop the box.

You can find the Bobbin Sets here.

2 thoughts on “A home for your bobbins…

  1. I actually have this and love it! They fit in there so snuggly. No more chasing them when they fall off my sewing table! Recommended for certain!


  2. I don’t know how long my sisters & I have had these, but they are fantastic & we love them. No more tangled threads. Currently I have at least 8. Best thing I ever bought to store my bobbins in. I organize my threads by color. I have enough yellows to use 2 boxes, 2 & headed for 3 for my greens.


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