NYC Streets in December…

That is either Patience or Fortitude in front of the NYC Public library, decked out with greenery.

Patience or Fortitude

These are some of the many shop windows I saw. It could be I only noticed the ones with lots of aqua OR aqua was the color this year. it could also be that I kept taking pictures of the windows at Anthropologie.

Decorations were not limited to windows…

And, of course, there are the angels, the tree, and the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center that are festive and a little crowded, both in the daytime and at night…

Times Square is always bright and festive and I can’t help but love it :-).

Photo taken quickly from the crosswalk

I hope these made you smile!

14 thoughts on “NYC Streets in December…

  1. We hope to visit NYC next Christmas time to see the tree and the glorious decorated windows, and the Angels, and Rockefeller Center and everything! Thanks for the wonderful photos.


  2. It’s been so long since we’ve been there but when I look at your pictures, ii think it must have been yesterday. Some wonderful things don’t change. Thank you.


    • I’m lucky to have a son who lives there… always a good reason to fly out. I was thinking of you today. We are going to have a Southern Hemisphere-like Christmas. It’s supposed to be close to 80° F on the 25th! We might have to fire up the barbecue.



  3. Such fun pictures, I was in NYC 34 years ago for the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Christmas Decorations . It was magical. Sacs Fifth Ave. had a Velveteen Rabbit theme in the windows. I want to go back again.


  4. Loved seeing your NYC pictures, Becky, and how fun to be there at Christmastime. But mostly, how lovely to have a wonderful visit with your son!


  5. Looks like you have been having a great time in NYC. My granddaughter and DIL were there for 5 days before Thanksgiving – an 8th graduation trip. The library is so beautiful and one of my best memories. Thanks for sharing, Becky.


  6. I love NYC around Christmas. The 5th Avenue decorations can not be compared, the shopping is also good at that time of year. How nice in the heat of July/Aug. to think of those cooler days. Thanks.
    P. S. Don’t know why this entry just entered my inbox now? But it was a good thing. 😊


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