More from NYC…

I got so busy I forgot to post! I’m home now but here are some more images from my trip.

I looked up at buildings a lot. Don’t you love the way the tall one almost disappears into the sky?

After a while, you can stop looking for nuance. But if you pay attention, there are wonderful things to notice. The reflections off the glass can be truly wonderful!

And then there are little details that you miss if you aren’t mindful as you walk.

I walked along the Hudson River. There is a wonderful trail for both pedestrians and cyclists.

I found an amazing gluten-free bakery at 83rd and Columbus — Modern Bread and Bagel. If you are GF, I recommend going and/or ordering bagels‚—the plain ones. The other breads are also good but the bagels… so amazing. It is worth what it costs for shipping.

I di walk to Times Square, just because.

And I walked the Length of the High Line down to the Whitney Museum to see the Biennial exhibit.

At both the Whitney and the NY Historical Society Museum I saw work from more female artists on display. It’s about time! In fact, did you know that a woman, Clara Wolcott Driscoll, designed most of the Tiffany glass lampshades? I did not know that but, seriously, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

I took a last photo of Columbus, standing above the trees…

I did do quite a bit of sewing. You will hear more about this 20˝ hand pieced 8-point star block…

And then Ted and I parted company. I miss that silly boy!

NYC in July…

I’m here in the big city to take care of Ted, Jeff’s cat. He and I are getting along very well because I feed him on schedule. He would like to be fed more often but he’s a big guy (18 lbs) and he really should not be snacking. He does not believe that is true 🤣.

I’ve been out in Central Park and in the area west and south of there. I’ve walked many of these streets before but it’s not hard to find something new to notice.

Made to Bethesda Fountain…

There were lots of people out and about on Sunday. Lots of people sitting on the grassy areas. I live where just the idea of sitting in grass makes me itch. Chiggers. If you don’t have them where you live, count yourself blessed.

And then there are the random fun things…

This morning I got to an amazing gluten free bakery, Modern Bread and Bagel. I came home with a slice of cinnamon bread and a bagel. Oh, my, the cinnamon bread is amazing. I’m going to do something with the bagel for dinner.

The icing is not necessary—but it’s good :-).

I will be out and about more through the rest of the week and will post more photos here and on Instagram and FB :-). Right now I have to get back to work!

NY Public Library at Bryant Park…

Wow… what a building! I went because my friend, Cece, told me not to miss it. I stayed for the tour because a nice, but insistent, docent said that it was a much better use of an hour than shopping would be. She was right!

The famous NY Public Library is housed in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. It’s a huge, beautiful, and you can read a lot more about it here. I’m going to share some of the pictures I took…

Patience, or Fortitude, on guard at the front door on Fifth Avenue:

Stately lions are the library mascots.

These are the actual, for real, animals from Winnie-the-Pooh:

These stuffed animals have been well-loved, worn, and mended. Piglet is much flatter than I imagined he would be—and tiny!

This illustrated book from the 14th century (if I remember correctly) is lovely, with bright colors and the penmanship is totally amazing. But I could not help thinking of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I can hear it playing in my head :-).

The Rose Reading room is huge, beautiful, and very quiet because it is for reading. Seriously. You can get in to read or on a tour. You can no longer walk through it as a tourist who is not going to read.

Rose Reading Room
Inscription over the door to the Rose Reading Room

The chairs look comfy…

As I said, lions are the mascot. This one is on a drinking fountain. The library opened in 1911 and the marble looks worn enough that it may be original to the building.

The library houses so many collections, books both rare and common, maps, photographs, original works of all kinds… there is just so much. It is a treasure worth visiting!

NYC Streets in December…

That is either Patience or Fortitude in front of the NYC Public library, decked out with greenery.

Patience or Fortitude

These are some of the many shop windows I saw. It could be I only noticed the ones with lots of aqua OR aqua was the color this year. it could also be that I kept taking pictures of the windows at Anthropologie.

Decorations were not limited to windows…

And, of course, there are the angels, the tree, and the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center that are festive and a little crowded, both in the daytime and at night…

Times Square is always bright and festive and I can’t help but love it :-).

Photo taken quickly from the crosswalk

I hope these made you smile!

Seen in NYC, December 2021…

I went to NYC to visit our son, Jeff, and Ted! Ted-the-cat pre-dates the pandemic, but I didn’t get to meet him then. It takes Ted awhile to get used to people so when he got that close to me I felt special!

I went to The Met and The MoMa and had a great time. I love portraits and statues because the expressions on the faces show that people then and people now must be feeling the same kinds of feelings. These from The Met:

And then there are those times when art makes you giggle. Like these two Medieval busts… they are the mean girls from high school:

Medieval wing at the Met

Or here, I can hear them saying to each other: Here, look over here! No. I say look over here! It’s over HERE!!!

There are more female artists on display at both museums and one has to wonder why it has taken so long!!! There was a large exhibit of pieces (furniture, paintings, prints, and more) by Sophie Taeuber-Arp that was amazing. Here is just one painting from the exhibit…

by Sophie Taeuber-Arp

She died at the age of 53 in 1942 from accidental carbon-monoxide poisoning in her sleep.

Also at the MoMa you will find a wonderful exhibit of Alexander Calder‘s work. The shadows are integral to the beauty of the forms and the museum has them spaced and lit very well.

That’s probably enough for today. I’ll post more in the next few days :-).