Show and tell, Butterfly Garden…

Rebecca Schnekenburger sent in this photo of her happy and colorful Butterfly Garden quilt. She wrote: “After seeing your last email about the free pattern offer, I thought I would share my version of your Butterfly Garden quilt. I made it twelve years ago as a baby quilt for my granddaughter Becca Faith.” It is truly perfect for a baby!

If you missed it in my last newsletter, I am offering the Butterfly Garden ePattern to you for free until December 29, 2021, as a Christmas gift. Click here to find it.

Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your lovely quilt with us!

11 thoughts on “Show and tell, Butterfly Garden…

  1. Beautiful pattern, Becky. I would download it, but I already have a butterfly quilt and have quilted another one for my SIL. Thanks for your generosity and willingness to share all of your talents. Happy New Year!


  2. Hi Becky, the Butterfly quilt is pretty and it is so nice of you to offer it free until the end of December 2022. My problem is that I tried the sites you offered but each time the charge of $8.00 appears. Please help.


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