Watch me tomorrow…

Oops! Sophie is having internet problems so the plan is that we will visit on Friday, same time. I’ll post the link when I have it.

I will be visiting with Sophie Scardaci live tomorrow on by YouTube and Facebook about my new Welcome to the North Pole class! The book has been in print since 1997 (amazing, right?!).

If you have the book but have not made the quilt because the blocks look a little scary, this class is for you! I walk you through all of the needle turn hand applique techniques you need to know to make this quilt.

There isn’t an ebook for Welcome to the North Pole so please be aware that you need to acquire the book separately from the class. There is a free digital table runner pattern included in the class that you can practice techniques on if you prefer.

13 thoughts on “Watch me tomorrow…

  1. I’ve made two Welcome to the North Pole quilts. Was at a sewing camp over the weekend and it was a topic of discussion. I encourage everyone to give it a try.


  2. I have the book and it looks like a very fun project but I have never attempted needle turn appliqué for some reason. I should give it a try like I do everything else. 🙂


  3. I took the class decades ago at my local quilt shop – now retired – and closed. My book is on the bookshelf in a three ring binder…… now if only I knew where the fabric is??? not so amazing – right.


    • Thank you for checking! Sophie had internet issues so we had to postpone. Technology 🙄.We are tentatively rescheduled for tomorrow… but that could change depending on how her system is running. I will post the new link once I have it.



    • No, this class is just needle turn. Honestly, it would have made the class too long. It’s 5+ hours. It needs to be that long to cover everything :-). I just can’t make myself be less than thorough.



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