Nancy Seaton Wins Wednesday Giveaway!

The next few Wednesday Giveaways are going to feature items that could make good Mother’s Day gifts or great things to keep. We started with a puzzle that has a “sewing” theme.

TOMATO PINCUSHION JIGSAW PUZZLE! This Cathe Holden puzzle has 1000 pieces. Challenging and Fun!

I’ll be back with another Giveaway next Wednesday. Until then you can shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

116 thoughts on “Nancy Seaton Wins Wednesday Giveaway!

  1. I love the puzzle. My mom used to have a lot of the tomato pincushions. My sister and I found many when we were going through the house after she passed. She was an avid maker of clothing for her girls and her grandchildren. She sewed every Sunday afternoon while watching golf. (I don’t believe she ever set foot on a golf course.)


  2. Thanks for the posting the video about Roberta. I enjoyed watching it. I look forward to the memorial her sister is putting out this fall. Be sure and remind us!


  3. I could not figure out for a while, where to leave my blog comment! Finally I figured it out! But nowhere does it explain it. You know what! I just bought a NEW tomato pin cushion! I am 66 and I guess I was using my Mom’s from the 70’s in highschool. I don’t know where it went, it was worn out though! They last a long time and I really missed it! Now I have 4-5 different pincushions! 2 I made. Thank you for this wonderful puzzle contest! I am sure there are some ancient pincushions in that picture! How did they find all of them at once I wonder?


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