Show and tell…

Renee Medley sent me pictures (and a letter!) in the mail with her show and tell.

She wrote that her mother hand appliquéd this Thru Grandmother’s Window quilt top about 10 years ago but then passed away in 2016 before quilting it. Renee set quilting aside but, during the pandemic, began hand quilting again. This quilt is the 4th that she has finished in 2 years. Wonderful!

Renee, your hand quilting is lovely. I know your mother must be smiling down on you. And what a joy it must be to sleep under. Thank you for sharing your quilt and your story with me. May you continue to have many happy stitches!

Thru Grandmother’s Window was a block of month published many years ago. The downloadable patterns are still available on my website.

17 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Such a pretty quilt….. both pattern and color choice! It’s nice to see a hand quilted piece. Seems like it’s almost a lost art!!


  2. Love the one color interpretation. Your mom did a great job at selecting her colors and I know she is smiling seeing your have finished it.


  3. Thank you all so much for all of your lovely comments, I am so glad everyone got to see this quilt. I miss my mother so much. She told me every day towards the end of her life, keep quilting. I’m so glad I could finally get back to doing what we enjoyed the most.


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