Oh for the Love of Bats!

Glow in the dark puzzles? Of course! And what if we put them together with a blacklight? That’s what my grandson Bear’s friends asked, and so they did. This eeBoo puzzle features bats, so many species! And the kids are big fans. Aria, Torin, & Edward have a swimming pool, and each night bats visit and eat mosquitos.

Bats bring a sense of mystery, maybe a little spooky, definitely cool. The kids love learning about different kinds, and what special powers they might have in nature. And we do all love Halloween (which is coming right up).

You can just feel their brains working, can’t you? Edward is 5, Bear is 9, Torin is 10, and Aria is 13. They are all fully engaged in cooperative play.

Puzzles increase fine motor skills and problem solving. AND they are not looking at a screen :-).

eeBoo puzzles are sustainably sourced, with high quality, glossy, sturdy pieces, and minimal puzzle dust.

The blacklight worked great for building, but lights-off was a dramatic spectacle you can see to the right.

There was a lot of going back and forth, enjoying the whole process.

All hands in for the last piece!

Done! And then lights on and off… and on and off…

A glowy, fun night was had by all!

I have two 100-piece Puzzles right now, and they are both educational, beautiful, and glow in the dark: Love of Bats and Bioluminescent (mostly sea creatures). You can click here to see all the puzzles for young and older. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of the bats.

5 thoughts on “Oh for the Love of Bats!

  1. If you want a good novel about bats to read aloud try Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel. There are others in the series as well, Sunwing, Firewing and Darkwing (prequel).
    As a teacher I read my classes Silverwing and it was a winner every time!


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