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Lorna had her hands and feet in the sand every day last week at the beach! She has some thoughts to share about LoLo, the crafter’s skin care we have been using and telling you about for years now. She says…

I struggle with consistency in my self care. The truth is, you might find a different product that works for you, but the most important thing is to get into a routine. I’ve had a nightly routine of Cuticle Intensive and LoLo Bar on my hands for years, but a few months ago I added the O’ for Feet’s Sake (OfFS). And I do encourage you to pay attention to your feet. Creating this habit has improved my skin, of course, but working the feet can make the whole body feel different, too. Becky teaches that in yoga; sometimes she has us massage our feet with our hands or gently with a ball.

I have dry skin, and my toes were actually not in great shape before starting OfFS. If I bumped them, they hurt worse than they should, and they did not look good. I can’t say for sure, but I think the Tea Tree in OfFS has made a big difference for me. I feel like LoLo makes skin, not just softer, but stronger.

A week in the sand and salt water, and I’m honestly surprised at how well my skin and nails have done. They look healthy! And my skin feels good, even on the bottoms of my feet.

I also use my LoLo bar on my lips. Turns out it’s the same basic formula as LoLo Lips. But I need to tell you, not all scents are the same; for instance, the bars that have clove or cinnamon are not great for lips, they tingle and burn like a lip plumper. I still use them, just not on my lips. What I use on hands, body, lips (near the nose if I get a little chapped) is usually Orange Vanilla. I don’t know why, but I think it works better on my lips.

Two favorite things about LoLo:

  • How quickly it absorbs, and then you can turn a doorknob, or handle fabric, or walk across the floor, or slide your feet into bed
  • How wonderful it smells, but it’s not overwhelming, and I don’t offend the people in the car with me 🙂

It’s amazing what LoLo can do in just a week of regular use, for my feet, or my cuticles. Sometimes I lose my routine, but I can get it right back with all the benefits. That has trained me to be more and more consistent. Whatever you use, I encourage you, be kind to your body and keep it going.

Becky here again! I made a how-to video for O’ for Feet’s Sake, see below.

19 thoughts on “TLC & LoLo

    • I got the birds during Covid. I wrote about it in the newsletter but must have missed it on the blog. Lorna, Elanor, and I each got tattoos to celebrate turning 40, 18, and 65. Big years. I had seen this tattoo years ago on instagram (@jeaninestewart) and loved it. So when it was time to choose what I wanted, this was it. Jeanine doesn’t post much anymore, but here’s a link:


  1. The sewing machine video was interesting to watch , always wondered how the needle and shuttle cock worked. Thank you for the video on how to apply LoLo to your feet Becky, just what we need for dry winter weather!


  2. What a perfect give away!! I was thinking during our last hurricane that we really should label all the quilts, I dont usually do that!! I do not take the time, by the time I get to the end I just want to get done!! Thanks for cute labels, and for the video on sewing machines!


  3. Just yesterday I caught up making quilt labels for seven quilts…it felt good to get them done! I would love to have little labels to add to the quilt too!


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