Nepenthe @ Big Sur, CA

I spent yesterday with Caryl Bryer Fallert on the California coast. We drove down Highway 1 from Asilomar to a restaurant/gift shop called Nepenthe in Big Sur. Caryl had been there before in the late 60s. She says she thinks it hasn’t changed much. 

The view from the restaurant is amazing! We ate outside and enjoyed both the view and the weather—and the food! Then we went to the gift shop (it’s called Phoenix). I had way too much luck finding all sorts of things. I’m going to have to quit shopping soon.
The owner is a painter and he adorned the restrooms with the most amazing paintings. That’s me posing in the ladies room. A very helpful man working in the store is the one who made sure we visited the “paintings”. He even made sure the men’s room was empty and then let us look in there. Should have taken a picture of it too but wasn’t thinking.

Happy Easter to you all. I start my class with Ruth McDowell today. I think I’m ready. I guess I’ll find out soon if I really am ready.

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