I’m A Student!

Today in Ruth McDowell’s class, I cut and sewed and managed to piece about a 7″ x 7″ square unit. I took a couple of photos but, alas, the camera is not with me! I will upload (soon/tomorrow) some photos showing you all a progression of what I accomplish in my 5 days of class.

I’m finding that years of applique have left me well-suited to the kind of piecing that Ruth does. (Click here to go to Ruth’s site for more about her.) 
I’m used to working with lots of different, small pieces of fabric. I am also used to not making a quilt top in a day. Good thing because the pieces I drew inside my pattern are small. If I have this thing together before I pack up on Friday it will be a miracle.
But I’m learning a lot. Ruth is an excellent teacher. It’s nice to play!

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