He’s Finished!

Steve has finished this summer’s house project! The studio wall is done and my new sewing machine table is in place, inside. I’ll post a couple of photos of the finished piece next.

This is how the outside of my studio wall looks now. Part of getting the outside in shape entailed Steve fixing the fountain (the vase that may or may not look like a fountain to you). It’s heavy! Last year when we put it in, we set the vase on a plastic milk crate in the tub that is in the ground. The milk crate broke! So he had to take it all apart and replace the crate with cinder block. It’s gurgling happily now.

Steve does have an actual job so I only get to put him on for one project per summer. That’s actually a good thing for both of us. Neither of us really wants to do this sort of thing all summer long.

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