My New Table…

Here is my new sewing table – custom made by Steve Goldsmith. Believe it or not it took longer to make this table than to remodel the back wall of the studio. It is 30″ x 85 1/2″ and is on casters so I can roll it around… although my studio really isn’t big enough to do that much. 

I plan to do the majority of my cutting at the end of the table without the sewing machine. I have cut on surfaces both high and low and, for me, I’ve found I have more power and control of my rotary cutter on a lower surface. Of course, it is harder on the lower back. Everything is a trade-off.

The cabinet doors open to reveal two wide, roll-out shelves. They are just wide enough to hold the three sewing machines that I use the most. I do have a little almost-featherweight still in the closet that just won’t fit here. The 4 narrow drawers hold a lot of  “stuff”. 

You might be wondering about the finish. I like that distressed look and have it on the furniture in this room. It’s a finish that hides a multitude of sins. Pencil marks, cutter knicks, etc., are really hard to spot.

2 thoughts on “My New Table…

  1. It looks great! I love how our sewing machine is lowered, so the feed-dogs are level with your table?! That really makes for a wonderful way to machine quilt.


  2. It’s too bulky but helpful because you can put your raw clothes in its cabinets. Its color is quite good to match with the color of walls. However its finishing is a great master piece. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Online Marketing Solution<>


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