New Web Site

I have spent the bulk of the last 2 weeks re-doing the Piece O’ Cake web site. That meant learning new software (Adobe’s Dreamweaver). It has been both infuriating and exhilarating! It’s been nice to find out that my brain is still capable of learning a new trick :-).

In re-doing the website (which I hope you all like), I changed every page. Most of the url’s changed. What this means is that your old links to places on our site are not going to work.
If you have been to our site before, the old pages are probably stored in your computer’s cache. When you go to the site now, you’ll need to hit your refresh button – a lot. On just about every page. I’m very sorry about that. My goal was not to make things harder, but easier. But once you have the new pages in your cache, you won’t need to hit refresh as often. 
FYI – We just sent out an eNewsletter that many of you may have received. In it we announced that the patterns for A Walk in the Mountains, our 3rd block of the month quilt, are now available on the site! If you don’t get our eNewsletter and want to sign up, there is a link to do so at the bottom of each page of our site.

3 thoughts on “New Web Site

  1. I am enjoying your new blog and am very impressed with your husband’s cabinet skills. My sewing studio desperately needs a redo but it will have to wait a while since my husbands expertise is the garden! A nice plus not for remodeling!Oh and the new website is great!


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