THE Jack Johnson…

As I have mentioned before, my husband is on the faculty at Austin College, here in Sherman, Texas. He does his best to raise funds for breast cancer research. In fact, he’s one of the rare men who regularly shows up at the fund raising meetings on campus. As he says, many of his favorite people have breasts and curing breast cancer is important. You can see him here in the kilt he wore last spring to raise money.

I just got an email from Kim Snipes, also at AC, who is coordinating Austin College’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). The principle fundraiser, benefiting both the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the American Cancer Society, will be a raffle in which the grand prize (see photos) was donated by her cousin, Jack Johnson – an autographed ukulele, songbook and cd. I had to check with her and, yes, her cousin really is THAT Jack Johnson! How did I not know that?

There is also a cd autographed by all the members of Asleep At The Wheel (Wayne, Kim’s husband, went to high school with the drummer) and a bunch of other prizes donated by local merchants. ANYONE can buy $1 raffle tickets. All you need to enter is to send a check made out to Austin College (write cancer raffle on memo line) to:
Cancer Raffle/Kim Snipes
Austin College
900 N Grand Ave Ste. 61541
Sherman TX 75090. 

Kim says she’ll be happy to fill out the raffle tickets for you and mail the prize to you should your ticket win. I can vouch for Kim – she’s not going to take your money on a shopping spree… she’s a breast cancer survivor who is doing her best to fund research. The drawing is October 30. I know I’m going to buy some tickets. How cool would it be to have a Jack Johnson ukelele!

Update, October 3 – Click here to go to the page on the Austin College site. The raffle is near the bottom, by the October 27 date.

2 thoughts on “THE Jack Johnson…

  1. WOW! I’m going to post this on my blog in a few days. I spent the whole night listening to his music while surfing.. .his website has streaming audio!smooches… pat sloan


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