Tidying up…

I had a little trouble focusing on work yesterday so I turned my attention to tidying up some spaces in the house that were starting to bother me.

It probably doesn’t look too bad here, but this armoire had become a catch-all for the stuff I didn’t want to put away. There are quilts folded on the top shelf that I hadn’t rolled and put up yet. There is the Elanor’s Picnic fabric that I’ve been using, and a variety of other “stuff”. The bottom drawer has yarn and knitting needles and the top drawer has toys and stuffed animals for the Elanor and Jack.

Here is 1/2 of the closet on the other side of the room. This is where I put fabric that is not off-the-bolt like silks, hand-dyes, 1930s scraps, and more. There’s a 3-drawer bin with quilting thread, and another bin with more yarn. You can see some quilt tops hanging above my suitcases.

The top shelf has clothes that I had hoped to fit into again some day. I decided to quit imagining that that day would ever come – I decided to pass them on to a friend of my daughter-in-law.  

Here is the armoire after tidying. This is better! The folded quilts are now rolled and put up on the top shelf of the closet. All the yarn is in bins, and the quilting thread is here now too. The stack on the right side of the middle shelf is where I keep some of my class “stuff” between trips. The bottom drawer is now Jack’s and the top drawer is Elanor’s. I’ll have to reorganize if/when I have more grandkids. 

The bottom shelf of the armoire has some baskets on it, but it’s uncommitted space. I like having room to grow.

The closet doesn’t look that much different, but it is. I cleaned out 2 bags of fabric for my daughter-in-law’s garage sale. The fabric on the shelves is not all mixed up together anymore – the silks are on one shelf, the hand-dyes on another, etc. You can see the quilts on the top shelf. The quilt tops and the suitcases are staying put where they are. 

In the photo below you can see the fabric on the other side of the closet. It’s still tidy from the last time I cleaned it out not that long ago.  

During all this closet tidying, I found some blocks that I have appliqued for different classes over the years. I’ve got to talk to Linda about it, but I think we might do some more blog door prizes with some of these blocks as prizes. What do you all think about that?

10 thoughts on “Tidying up…

  1. Sometimes you just need to tidy up a bit. It seems to help me be more creative in a tidy room. Your blocks would be awesome to own. I love your patterns. I am going to be teaching applique classes using your book, The applique sampler. I working on Aunt Millie’s Garden now. I am starting a bee and several of the ladies are going to do Aunt Millie’s Garden. It will be fun to see the differnt blocks


  2. bet you will be able to sew all day today after cleaning up and organizing! Looks great….I work so much better in a clean space as well!oh that sounds like a great idea, blocks for a blog door prize !Kathie


  3. I agree – a clutter free area seems easier to create in. It may not be clutter-free after wards – but it helps not to have a bunch of unfinished business in your face when you are trying to kick off a project. Love your fabric stash closets!Karen


  4. I am glad you posted this, I have been wanting to gut all my stuff and re-organize. This gives me some ideas. I have been working on easy items lately, because I keep thinking things are too messy. Now I see I am not alone in wanting it all organized to create. The blocks would be a treasure to have. I would really value one and I am sure everyone else would as well. I took a class with you and had a wonderful time and learned alot. Thanks for sharing.Angie, Bryan, TX.


  5. When things get too messy, I just can’t think or create. It always makes me feel better to weed out the stuff I no longer want and then have nice neat stacks and a well organized closet.I think a door prize with your blocks is a great idea!!


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