I never thought I would find the time for it, but I’ve become a blog reader. You can see the blogs I read regularly at the bottom of the right-hand column of this very blog. The easiest way for me to know when any of these blogs has a new post is to subscribe to them. Did you know that you could do that?

If you don’t know how to subscribe to a blog don’t feel bad. I’m going to tell you how you can. Look at the top of your browser window and find the URL for this page. (The URL is the line that starts with http://www…. ) To the right of the URL do you see RSS or a symbol? Click on RSS or the symbol (you might want to read the rest of this before you really click). 

A new window will open. I’m on a mac, using Safari. On the right side of my newly opened window I see a column. At the bottom of this column is an area that says Actions. I tried this in Firefox and there wasn’t a column, but there was a button that said “subscribe now”. If you are on a pc your window will probably be different from both of the ones I found, but I’ll bet you can find an obvious subscription area. Click what’s there.

I like to catch up on new blog posts in my email program, so I choose “subscribe in mail”. FYI – Mail is the mac email program. If you use some other email program it will probably give you an option to subscribe in that program. You may have to choose between RSS and Atom. I have used both and they both work.

Once I click “subscribe in mail” a new folder is automatically created in my email program. Every new post it shows up there. Treat them as emails – delete them when you want to. Forward them if you want to. You can see what my mail window looks like in the photo at left. The blog feeds are at the bottom of the left column in the RSS folder. Sometimes the emailed version of a blog is not a complete blog post but that’s OK because there is a link to the full post inside the email. 

A new blog that I’m watching is hyperthesis. It came to my attention in an enewsletter that I got last week from Chuck Green at Ideabook. This is not a blog that quilters might normally come across. I think the photographs on this blog are quirky and wonderful! The designers are Chinese (I think), living in New Zealand. The slightly fractured English in the text is charming. A more “quilterly” blog is HELLOmynameisheather. The photos in Heather Bailey’s blog make me swoon – and lust for a new camera! 

Isn’t technology amazing! That we can share these amazing stories and images, that we may never meet face to face – but that we are nonetheless connected… this is both amazing AND wonderful! I’m happy that you read our blog. Thank you and happy stitching,


2 thoughts on “Blogging…

  1. Hi Becky, I’m on a mac, too, but to offer another option, I use google reader ( to subscribe to and keep track of blogs – easy as pie (or cake) to use, I have a “subscribe” button on my toolbar and blogs are updated automatically. Very tidy. Still quilting the completed brown/red/green whirlygig quilt I began with you at Asilomar a few years ago – and like it very much. It was a fun class! Nancy


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