More on the interconnectivity of the web…

I was doing a bit of blog-surfing today (in preparation for getting down to real work) and I came across a lecture on YouTube by Michael Wesch. He’s an Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University. If you go here you can watch the 1-hour lecture that he gave at the Library of Congress in June. It is surprisingly good. I know because I sat here and watched/listened to the whole thing. He tells a good story!

Dr. Wesch is studying digital ethnography which, as I understand it, is the study of how digital interaction is shaping our culture. Who knew that by doing all this blogging-commenting-YouTubing we are actually adding to our culture! 

You might be wondering what the photos of this coleus plant from my front yard have to do with any of this… in a word, nothing. They are just here to be pretty! And possibly inspirational. I think we quilters like pretty, inspirational pictures!

Now I really do have to get to work!


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