This and that…

I had Jack and Elanor over this morning and managed to get a picture of Jack, not moving. A lot of the pictures I take of him are blurry because he’s always moving! I was sitting on the front porch and Jack was on the sidewalk in front of me. Those are berries that dropped off of the weeping yaupon tree on the concrete around him. Almost immediately after I took this photo I had to leap into action and dig 2 berries out of his mouth. He was not happy. They probably wouldn’t have hurt him, but I wasn’t sure.

These purple bachelor buttons were blooming to so I got this pretty image before we went inside. They remind of a blueberry quilt that Wendy Richardson made several years ago.

And… I’m still blurfing. I spotted this colorful home library on fffound. The rainbow of books on these shelves reminds me of the post I did about Valerie Madill back in July. 

I don’t have a real strategy on fffound. I just click on photos that I like. Every click takes you to different images. I like to see where all that clicking takes me. 

The link from the library photo took me to yet another great blog – de(coeur)açao. What amazing color! I love that quilt in the second photo and I wish I had the nerve to paint my refrigerator pink (or turquoise!) I can’t read the words on this blog which is not a bad thing. I can focus on the photos! 

I don’t know about you, but I find inspiration for my quilts from a variety of sources. These lovely blogs are great for sparking ideas.

3 thoughts on “This and that…

  1. You are soo right, you definitely can get inspiration from a myriad of places. I love the ones you have pointed out. That library is the best and I would feel right at home sitting and reading. The picture of Jack is sooo cute!


  2. Jack is really cute. I find those years where they have to put everything in sight in their mouths to be so stressful! I think I have one more year of that with my little one…. The library is beautiful, and the library-system you linked to in that earlier post in fantastic!


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