Quilter’s Chocolate tins

Many of you have seen our Quilter’s Chocolates in the cute tins. After consuming a lot of them. I do love milk chocolate. I started thinking about ways to use the chocolate tins. 

The other day I was in a hurry to get out the door to quilt guild. I always take applique to stitch. It helps me not talk during the meeting or volunteer for more than I have time for. I had pinned some applique pieces down the night before. I grabbed my bag with the block in it and was about to grab my sewing bag when the chocolate tin caught my eye. I put my needle, ThimbleIt, toothpick and some Frostings bobbins with the thread wound on them in the bag and off I went. It all fit nicely in my purse. I now also have a tin by my chair with bobbins I am using.

The other use I found was to put the snippets of thread and material in the tin. I am always looking for somewhere to put them. I hate all those snippets all over everywhere. 
Let me know if you find other uses for them. I will let everyone on the blog know.
Always trying but not succeeding in keeping my studio tidier.

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