My camera…

I’ve had some questions about the kind of camera I use for the blog. I’ve been using this 12.1 mega pixel Canon PowerShot SD950 IS. It’s a camera that fits in the back pocket of my jeans and it takes amazingly clear photos. That said, I have needed a more professional camera for photographing quilts.

This week I got a Nikon D90. It’s pretty amazing. My husband, Steve, will be the one of us that take the time to figure out everything this camera can do. I have figured out how to turn all of the features to their automatic setting. So far that’s working for me.

I decided yesterday to test the camera on my (moving) grandson under the fluorescent light in my studio combined with daylight coming in the door. I set the camera to auto and the sports setting (that’s the one that uses a really fast shutter speed).

Jack did not pose for any of these shots. He was in motion. I’m happy because it’s really hard to get a picture of this boy – he never stops moving.

It is my hope that you’ll see even better pictures on our site now.

3 thoughts on “My camera…

  1. oh are making me really pine for my own nice camera. its funny i buy the opposite to you, my everyday camera is a nikon and my more expensive cameras are canons


  2. Thank you for your insight. I have always wondered how a loose cannon like Mark Latham was made leader and now it is explained, the old payback.
    What small minded people, hate makes of us all.
    And as for Latham, here was a man who called George W. the worst president ever ( he was right there) and then knocked people over in the stampede to shake his hand.
    Obviously a man of no substance which explains his weathervane approach to policies.
    However, as a political commentator I find Mark both refreshing and entertaining. A candid breath of fresh air who, because of his perceived ill-treatment by the ALP, is even-handed in his commentary, unlike the hacks like Kroger, Reith and Costello who just read from the prayer book and spout propoganda, thus dismissing their own credibility of argument.


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