Raised beds, continued…

Here’s an update on the raised vegetable beds we’re building. We filled the beds with a mixture of soil, compost, expanded shale, and other organic additives that I can’t remember. You might notice that my hair in the photo is even shorter these days. I’m loving it!

I hope that we have time tomorrow to install the soaker hoses. I’m getting ready to leave for the Jinny Beyer Seminar on Sunday and I’m running out of time to get it all done.

I have high hopes that we can grow a lot of vegetables in these beds. I’m certainly having fun going through the seed catalogs!

5 thoughts on “Raised beds, continued…

  1. Be glad you are down south–it is way too cold up here in the northeast to even think of anything, but quilting–hand quilting on nice big warm quilts–at least that was “my” plan for this January–but we know how plans can go ^*$#@!! enjoy those seed books–plan some orka for me?? and have fun at the Jenny B.seminar.from a new blog friend


  2. I’m so envious that you’ll get to go to Jinny’s last seminar. I’ve been to over 20 of them. I can’t make this one as I have my big solo show opening this Sunday and company coming for the show.Hope you’ll be blogging while you’re there. I’m going to be blogging photos and memories of the years I was there each day with the photos relating to what goes on on that day.I hope some of the participants will find my posts and we will be able to connect again.K


  3. I am looking forward to going to Jinny’s last seminar. I’m actually very flattered to have been invited to teach! I hope to have time (and internet access) to blog while I’m there. If not, I will when I get home. I know, Kay, that I’m going to wish I had been many times before. Break a leg at your opening!


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