From the American side…

The American side of the falls is different. From this side you get the view over-the-top. Surprisingly, the river leading to the falls doesn’t look that dangerous. There are rapids and there is a lot of mist in the distance (clouds of it in fact) and there is the noise from the falls – but if you didn’t know what was coming you might just paddle on… and over you’d go.

A closer shot of the top of the American falls…

Here’s the top of Horseshoe Falls…

I love these things. They look like happy men from Mars.

2 thoughts on “From the American side…

  1. I was reading your entry about Petoskey and then the next day about Charlevoix.I remembered that you had taught a class in Charlevoix, I think, and finally asked my sister who took the class, when it was. She said last year. Then I told her how you posted stuff about Charlevoix and the petunia planting and she said that you popped into Hearts to Holly. The store owner and my sister were both there at the time when you introduced yourself. When you walked in they both thought that you looked just like Becky Goldsmith and didn't want to ask. What a small world.


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