The Shelburne Museum…

We went to the Shelburne Museum before my classes started at the Vermont Quilt Festival. The museum sits on a large swath of land in Shelburne, VT. There are historical houses, barns, buildings, a steamboat, and a locomotive on site that have been restored and furnished. There are a variety of exhibits. The docents were exceptionally helpful and knowledgable. The Shelburne is definitely worth a visit if you come this way.

It was a beautiful day – breezy and cool. The plants were bright green, the flowers lovely. Here is some of what we saw…

The round, red barn at the entrance had a motorcycle exhibit on display.

It was interesting to go into these houses. The walls were mostly solid wood planks. 2×4 construction came along much later.

There were several lovely antique quilts on exhibit. I didn’t photograph them because we couldn’t figure out how to turn off the flash on my camera. Oh my. I did use my little camera to take a photo of this block. I know I’ve seen it before but I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at it. The shapes are appliqued, not pieced.

This Paul Revere on his horse weathervane made me smile.

There is a horseshoe-shaped building devoted to circus things. One entire side has a carved replica of a circus parade mady by Roy Arnold. He spent 25 years carving and painting it – and he had helpers! It’s pretty amazing. I think the wheels would look great as pieced blocks.

3 thoughts on “The Shelburne Museum…

  1. Ask a young person if any are around how to turn off the flash. Once, in a church, I did not know how to turn off the flash on the camera and some nice young person showed me how to do it. Glad the kids of today are so electronically gifted. I sure know I'm not.


  2. I saw your blog name at another site I was at tonight for ABC Wednesday and I had to come over and say hi because your blog name was so cute : ) Delightful! This looks like it was a fun place to visit. I am in love with that gorgeous flower!


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