The Vermont Quilt Festival…

I taught at the Vermont Quilt Festival. What a great show! If you ever get a chance, go to this show. The quilts were wonderful, the quilters are happy, and there are lots of classes. It is held on the campus of St. Michael’s College in Burlington, VT. The land is flat and the classrooms are air conditioned.

There were some great red and white and green antique quilts. This one, #A32, was my favorite. Here is what the catalog said about it:
“Potted Flowers with One Blue Pot, 1850-70
This quilt is an example of the pot-of-flowers quilt pattern for which there is an ongoing research project. There are very few of these intricately made quilts, the majority of them having PA or OH origins. This particular quilt, locatedin 2006, was not one of the known examples and has since been added to the project. We do not know the name of the maker, but it is also believed to have come from PA. The one blue glowerpot is a result of the yellow component of the original over dyed green being fugitive. Private collection.”

Personally, I wish the blue flower pot was intentional. That color change is what makes this quilt so memorable.

#A4 was another favorite. It’s named Urn with Red Feather & Mystery Flower, 1850. The catalog says:
“This quilt is from Oneonta, NY. The design is composed of elements common to many red and green applique quilts with flowers and leaves emerging from an urn. But the expression is totally original. The flowers are unlike those seen in nature and the leaves are as much like red feather as leaves. The quilting apttern on the center setting blocks is unusual – a pineapple tree with three pineapples. Private collection.”

And then there was this striped stairwell spotted in downtown Burlington. The stripes dressed up an otherwise boring spot.

3 thoughts on “The Vermont Quilt Festival…

  1. Oh, I completely agree! The blue pot is just so perfect. The first time I saw the picture, I loved this quilt. Red and green quilts are my favorite but this one is just so much fun.


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