Home from France…

Linda and I flew home Sunday. Monday I did laundry and re-packed because on Tuesday I drove to the Houston area to lecture and teach. I think today is Wednesday – isn’t it? I lectured last night and taught today for the Tri-County Quilt Guild. It was a fun day but I admit that it seems strange to think that 3 days ago I was in France.

I have a few final pictures from the quilt show. This is what the vendor mall looked like from the second floor before the crowds came:


The ‘little house’ next to us housed the quilts made by Petra Prins:


And next to Petra was, I think, Shizuko Kuroha. I admit it, I didn’t take good notes but I think this is the person who made these quilts. She wasn’t there, only her quilts were there.


In comparison to our neighbors, our quilts were very colorful. Tres jolie as they said. And we had a way cooler sofa!


There was a nice dispaly of garments near us. I especially liked this black dress. I would look terrible in it but my DIL would look good in a dress like it. The white dress was also lovely.


I miss the regal old-ness of Paris. Sherman feels, and is, very new in comparison.

DSCN0473 copy

6 thoughts on “Home from France…

  1. I absolutely LOVE the couch they put with your quilts. It just all looks so very good together and, yes, your designs are tres jolie – and they make my heart sing all the time. Keep up the great work. Oh, and when do you ever sleep?


  2. Becky, I am sorry that I have just now refound your blog! I was in Paris the first week of April and saw many of the things that you visited! I was even at that fabric store! It is a beautiful city and I will definitely go there again!


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