Meet the newest Dr. Goldsmith…

Our youngest son, Jeff, is now officially Dr. Jeffrey Goldsmith, newly-minted with a PhD in Biostatistics from Johns Hopkins! Sreve was there for his thesis defense; I stayed home to work. I hated to miss the event but I was extra-special happy that Steve was there.

This is Jeff prepariing for the public presentation of his thesis. That was followed by a private session with his committee.



I can’t even begin to explain what Jeff does. I try – which makes his head hurt. But I am his very proud mother so I feel compelled to brag. I think it is sort of in the ballpark to say that he writes formulas that are used to interpret the data gathered by fMRIs. Much of his energy is spent with researchers working to find a cure for MS. He is insanely good at what he does. He sometimes reads my blog. Jeff, if I’m way wrong please let me know. 

He has worked incredibly hard to get where he now is. (I could go on and on, but won’t.) Now he is working on what comes next. But what comes next couldn’t happen without him passing his defense which he did with flying colors. Oh happy day!



15 thoughts on “Meet the newest Dr. Goldsmith…

  1. Congratulations to Jeff! and to Celia and to Mom and Dad. May God grant him every success as he joins the battle to find a cure (prevention?)for the dread scourge MS. I have too many friends who daily are faced with MS.
    I enjoy your blog, Becky.


  2. Our daughter is studying biostatistics and epidemiology at th University of Michigan, so I know what kind of hard work you are talking about. We don’t understand half of what she is talking about. But it is great to see them grow and success in what they are inspired by. Congratulations to Jeff and the entire family!!


  3. Defense!! Love the props! Congrats to Jeff and Celia (who probably supported him throughout the whole process, I’m sure). It’s okay to brag — that’s a huge achievement. Go, Jeff! Find that cure or prevention or whatever it takes!


  4. Congratulations to Jeff, mom and Celia. Please find a cure for MS soon. My very great friend, Mardi, has it and it’s getting worse. She’s much too young for this!


  5. Congratulations to your family, Becky! you and Steve have done an extraordinary job of reaising two amazing sons. The Goldsmiths will continue to impact our world for generations to come! 🙂 All the best to you, Steve and your family.


  6. Such a great accomplishment– congrats to you and yours. Smart kids do you soooooo proud.
    P.S. Love the D Fence. Took me a minute……


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