The news from quilt market…

ColoringBook copy

This is a corner of the C&T booth showing a big page from our coloring book.

Quilt Market is interesting. There is a lot to lust after. Lovely fabric, great notions, inspiring quilts – so much! But the thing is, most of it you will never have an opportunity to actually buy. That was true many years ago, and it's more true now.

Used to be, there were a few big fabric companies. Shops bought from most of them. An individual shop could never carry all the fabric available but I could usually come home and find most of what I had fallen in love with at market. 

Now there are so many new fabric companies (in addition to the bigger companies) that it's hard to keep them straight. They each have great fabric but I honestly don't know how most shop owners can buy from them all. Each company has its own set of forms and minimum orders and ship dates… I knew when I walked the aisles that it would be sheer luck for me to find specific fabrics in a shop.

I quit looking at the fabric in self defense. You might imagine that I can get any fabric I want. That is not the case. I buy the fabric that is in my stash. Every now and then I request and get fabric from a company but that is not the norm. I prefer to shop in person at quilt shops. I buy some fabric online but colors can look different on screen. 

Portland-ArchitecturalDetail-01 copy

I design quilts and try not to be influenced by others' designs so I didn't look at quilts much either. I looked more closely at architectural details (like that above) because I can find inspiration there.

Trust me, if you don't look at fabric or quilts, you can walk market pretty quickly. I came away with the impression that clear colors are more plentiful and that there are still more pieced quilts than appliqued ones. 

I did look for new notions that would excite appliquers. I found a lovely silk needle case and an unusual scissor fob, and new needle nannies (there's a chicken that makes me smile, and I'm not that fond of chickens). I ordered a new sticky thimble that really does protect your underneath finger! I'll send a newsletter when these things come in.

I also found an amazing new lamp, the Stella. I got to try one when I taught at Aunt Mary's and was immediately sold on it. The Stella has an LED light source and is cooler than my Ott light. The LEDs are supposed to last for years without dimming.

You can change the color of the light with a finger touch from a yellowish color, to very white, and then to a bluer white. You can also adjust the brightness of the light.

The lamp itself is sleek. The desk version comes in black or white. The floor lamp is only available in white. They are not inexpensive – $220 for the desk lamp and $389 for the floor lamp but when you think about the hours/years you spend with your lamp, that doesn't seem so bad. I will make a video when mine arrives so you can see for yourself. 

I didn't say before, but Linda was at market too and we had a really nice time together. We don't get to spend time together often enough and when we do, ideas fly. We both left market inspired and ready to start on new quilts!

I will leave you with a color photo, not of fabric or quilts but of the side of a building. The weathered greens against the taupe-y grays are pretty together. I wish that bright blue thing wasn't there, but the black pole adds a nice touch.

SideOfBuilding-Porland-2 copy


3 thoughts on “The news from quilt market…

  1. Thanks for sharing quilt market. Appreciate architectural details tip. Look forward to Stella video. Great Linda & Becky had quality time together. What fun!


  2. Very interesting take on market. Since my check book is not as robust as it once was it is better that I not look at fabric….but a light that will help me see better no matter what the cost, bring it on!
    Actually, on the last picture, I think it would be flat without that blue box…. at any rate looking forward to what is to come.


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