Ugly fabric challenge update…

It's been a while since I gave you an ugly fabri update. My quilt top is done, but I can't show it until the book comes out which is many months off. I can, however, share some snippets. The next photo is a section of the quilt back. Christopher suggested that I use the leftover fabric on the back which was a great idea. I didn't piece it to look good – I wanted to highlight some of the most memorable fabrics.

UglyBackDetail copy

That amazingly awful Santa is just stunning, don't you think? I actually grew fond of the monkeys that you see above and below… 

UglyDetail-01 copy

The 'Chuckie' dolls, however, still give me the creeps. I didn't fussy-cut anything so it was just luck that the doll, below, is looking out of her triangle.

UglyDetail-03 copy

 I didn't get much fabric with text so I ended up liking 'HOT'.

UglyDetail-04 copy

All in all I can tell you that I really did learn a lot from working with this fabric, very little of which I liked. I think it really is true that you should work outside of your box every now and then.


2 thoughts on “Ugly fabric challenge update…

  1. Liking this Ugly Fabric quilt project. The pattern block is a good choice for all these similar color value fabrics. Contrast nicely with the muslin. Perhaps there will be a secondary pattern effect when it’s completed. I also like it a bit more now that one of my uglies have made the backing!


  2. I recently bought an Accuquilt baby go machine…I went through 3 large Rubbermaid bins of small scraps and cut out some 3 inch squares…I made 9 patch blocks which I alternated with some lovely yellow fabric///turned out great…I always use quilt leftovers to piece my backs…some backs are really nice I sometimes flip them over on the bed…two quilts I
    n one…some of my favorite utilitarian quilts are made with random 6 inch blocks or rectangles of scraps…anything goes.


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