The road to Hana…

There are bumper stickers and t-shirts that declare "I survived the road to Hana!" We did and we all want the shirts. From Lahaina we estimate that it was about 80 miles to the Maui Stable where Hunt and Karen were supposed to be at 9:45. We left at 7:15 and arrived late, by about an hour. 

What is it about this road? I drove on the way out. It is insanely windy, and narrows to one lane often. The speed limit is 35 tops. The average speed might be 18 miles an hour. Or less. I have driven this with 12 students in a 14 passenger van during a wind storn where trees came down across the road. This was way better but still, it's not a Sunday drive. I have no pictures.

After dropping Hunt and Karen off to ride the horses (we are not horse people) we went to the black sand beach.

P1000228 copy

Then we went to the red sand beach, a place we had never visited. It's small, out of the way, not easy to find, and there were very few people. Luckily we met some folks who were leaving as we got there who point us to to the easy way down. 

P1000234 copy

We sat and admired the veiw. There wasn't a place to really swim but there was a shady place to eat lunch. We enjoyed it. 

At 1:30 we went back to get Hunt and Karen. They had had a great time on the horses. Not being a horse lover all I can do is be happy that they are happy. And I was.

Charles Lindbergh is buried within walking distance of Maui Stables so we visited his grave. Then we went back to the black sand beach at Hana because, really, they needed to go there too. We all got in the water except Karen, who sat with our stuff and emabraced not moving. She was still a bit nauseated by the Hana Highway drive in and was not looking forward to the drive home. This time the Dramamine helped. The next photo was taken on the way out.

P1000266 copy

80 miles. On the mainland, in Texas, that is 1 1/4 hours, tops. Here it can be a whole lot longer. We were gone almost 12 hours exactly. Tomorrow is a relaxing beach day. Perfect.

As I type this, Karen is asleep. Steve is reading. Hunt is playing the ukulele. After I post this, I am showering and going to bed. It sounds really nice, just like a vacation….


3 thoughts on “The road to Hana…

  1. We really enjoyed The Road to Hana…because it was the ONLY place on our Hawaiian vacation that we let someone else do the driving! We took a tour on a mini-bus (more like a van) with large windows and we could sit back and enjoy the view instead of watching the road all the time. Have you driven the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia? we did that this summer, and it reminded me of the road to Hana….just gorgeous with a LOT of overlooks. If you havent done it, I’d recommend it.


  2. Red Sand Beach is awesome. We also had to have someone tell us how to find it as locals prefer no tourists. In fact one local told us it was in the opposite direction. Fortunately, we were near other people who knew which way to turn on the narrow coastal path. Enjoy remainder of trip!


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