Ka’anapali snorkel beach…

We went to a fantastic beach today. Ka'anapali beach park is over by all of the more expensive resorts. No wonder – the beach is amazing. There is one part that is better for snorkeling and that's where we went today. I didn't take many pictures, but a few are really nice.

This one of Karen is fantastic. It makes me wonder why I so seldom strike a pose. I really need to do that!

Karen-Towel copy

We went to the very fine mall next to the beach after lunch. Here's Steve in front of the Louis Vitton window. We're going back for more photos here tomorrow. Doesn't this look minty!

IMG_1469 copy

Karen's camera has a cool feature where you can tell it to see one color and shoot everything else in black and white. Here, she had programed it to see blue…

IMG_8783 copy

And here we are with the same camera setting. Cool, don't you think? We're going to do that more tomorrow too.

IMG_8784 copy

We have one more day on Maui, then it's on to Kauai! 


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