More on Maui…

Tropical storm Flossie is headed our way. I am the designated worrier – no need for all of us to worry. I did my job and worried all day yesterday. This morning is blowy, no rain yet. Lots of warnings. We should fly from Maui to Kaui before the storm gets here. Our flight is still on schedule. But I am scanning the sky – and internet – for any signs if trouble. It may be that we get to the airport and then don't go. If we do go I'll continue to do my job and worry us all the way to Kaui.

IMG_8815 copy

We went back to Kahekili beach to snorkel yesterday. Karen took some underwater photos. That's Steve, or part of him…

IMG_8853 copy

Hunt gave us a scare, but managed to survive…

HuntInShark copy

Karen was very impressed!

P1000304 copy

We have visitied happy hours, every day. Mai Tai's are very nice.

IMG_8870 copy

And we all took pictures, except for Steve. He's mostly enjoying life without feeling the need to do a lot. It's refreshing. He has, however, fed us more than once. What a man!

P1000286 copy

I have to go pack now, for the flight that I hope does take us to Kauai.



5 thoughts on “More on Maui…

  1. I am enjoying reliving my Hawaii trip from 2009 through your posts, thank you!
    Kauai is our favorite ๐Ÿ˜‰ Weathering the storm with a MaiTai is not a bad idea!


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