Colorful California…

Digital photography is so very wonderful. Remember film? And the wait for pictures, most of which were awful? Digital photography makes it possible for each of to take amazing photos. That said, these are not ‘amazing’ but they are pretty.


I love the aqua boxes. They are like sashing between the colorful fruit. The man behind the stand was looking at me funny as I took pictures of his tables.


The field of yellow flowers (next) was eye-popping set into the drabber grasses…


Farther down the road there was a bigger field of yellow with people scattered around in it, taking photos. Lots of kids sitting, surrounded by yellow. I’ll bet the pictures are terrific. We do the same thing in Texas when the bluebonnets are blooming.

The next photo is not so much about color as it is the pulled grid of the fence that lays over the scenery behind.


It suggests an interesting quilting pattern that could be sewn over a variety of quilt tops. Done well, it would be both interesting and sort of invisible… like a wire fence.

7 thoughts on “Colorful California…

  1. Becky…you should see the Poppy fields in Southern California…I went once with my mom…don’tremember where they are…but it was acre after acre of poppys


  2. I love your artistic eye! And yes, digital photography is delightful – no expensive, instant gratification, and instant ability to share. And great photo quality.


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