I am not a crazy person…

And do you know how I know that I am not a crazy person? It’s because I would never, ever, in a million years (except maybe if I was on The Amazing Race!), do this:

The actual jump starts at around 2:40 and that part goes by surprisingly quickly. I was impressed that no one got hung up on a street light.

One of the jumpers is a ‘legendary’ iron worker (who worked on 1 World Trade) and you can read more about him here. I am remaining neutral on whether these guys deserve to be punished or not. I can only hold strong opinions about so many things at a time and this isn’t one of them.

I can say that way back in the day MDH, Steve, was an iron worker. The buildings were shorter but a fall could still have killed him. I am much happier with his current profession :-).


Thankfully, he is not crazy either.

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