Don’t be tense…

I’ve been meaning to post this diagram for a very, very long time. This chart came from the fine folks at Superior Threads. Back in the day, they gave me permission to post it on my blog.

Thread_Tension_DiagramClick the link below and the pdf will open. You can print it from there! Click here to see it on Superior’s site.


This diagram helped to make thread tension less of a mystery to me. I can visualize the little guys pulling the thread either too much, or too little. When I look at my machine stitching, if there’s a problem, I know better where the problem is coming from. Before this , I would twist and turn the top tension knob and hope for the best.

Bob and Heather Purcell at Superior Threads are very good about educating us all about thread. Go to their education page and click around—you are sure to find something interesting!


1 thought on “Don’t be tense…

  1. I always struggle to remember which way to turn the dial. Now I’ll (hopefully) remember the righty-tighty, lefty-losey rule. Thanks!


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