Flowers are pretty!

There are times when I wonder why so many of my quilts have flowers on them. And then, spring happens!


Dianthus is a happy plant. Look closely at the bottom, center bud that is opening like a whirlygig. So fun!


Many of my iris are now in so much shade that they’ve given up, but not this one. One of the best parts of digital photography is that you can almost always get decent close-ups and it’s so lovely to see the details in flowers. I love the beard…


Columbines are always exciting!


Like shooting stars, or fireworks, or aliens…


I have some bluebonnets in my yard and they are such a great shade of blue. I’m hoping to gather the seeds this year and scatter them better than I have in years past.


I know that many of you are not yet enjoying spring. I hope these pictures make you smile on this Easter weekend.



3 thoughts on “Flowers are pretty!

  1. Thank You Becky for the wonderful pictures of the spring flowers.They were super. I live in Florida, we don’t have those gorgeous plants here;but we do have beautiful foliage tho. I moved here from Michigan and I really do miss my flowers,so thanks so much for letting us enjoy yours.


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